The dynamism of the STEEC company continues apace with a desire for conquest and development across its markets, of its expertise in micro-machining, micro-spark erosion, wire-cutting, micro-drilling and micro-milling, micro-EDM, laser micro-cutting and wire EDM and die sinking.

STEEC has historical customers and key markets in its various activity sectors, for example, ancillary and implantable medical devices, aerospace, aeronautics, research and development, nuclear energy, radio astronomy, electronics, watchmaking and optics. In addition to France, the company works mainly in Europe with countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland Switzerland and Luxembourg. STEEC also collaborates regularly on the African continent through its business links with APMV, the leading company in France and French-speaking countries for cylinder refurbishment in the areas of regrinding, grooving-polishing and caulking, due to the technologically innovative methods of machining it uses.

And finally, STEEC has recently won major export markets, particularly in India. This new presence in Asia is in addition to the historical presence of STEEC on the North-American continent.