STEEC, Partner of innovative Sart-ups such as Thrust Me

STEEC currently works and collaborates with the promising French aerospace industry start-up ThrustMe. ThrustMe was set up in February 2017 and has its origins in the 'Ecole Polytechnique' and the CNRS (French national centre for scientific research), it develops revolutionary satellite propulsion systems which extend their operational life and improve orbital control.

STEEC has been working with ThrustMe since 2015, even before its official creation. STEEC has been entrusted with the manufacture of important drive elements; these complex parts present a large number of technical micro-machining challenges.
For these parts ThrustMe decided to call on the expertise of STEEC since the smallest of them required laser micro-cutting techniques. Others required micro-milling/drilling and wire/sinker EDM for the thicker parts; many also involved machining operations at a number of different dimensions. To find the best micro-machining solutions to meet the needs of the ThrustMe engineers in the development of their products, STEEC worked in close collaboration with them on the design and production of these highly technical parts.

"We are especially satisfied with the solutions that came from our discussions with the Design Office and really appreciate the quality of STEEC's work."
A. POYET, Mechanical Engineer

As they do for all of their clients, STEEC ensured that ThrustMe received the full benefit of their 35 years of highly technical mechanical works experience in a wide variety of the most demanding industrial sectors such as medicine, aerospace, research, amongst others. STEEC also promotes such quality management experience and standards through its ISO 9901 and ISO 13485 standard certifications, the latter of which was received this year.