Made in STEEC

madein-steec-3STEEC is launching its ‛Made in STEEC’ brand, designed to establish the difference which this company, a specialist in the machining of high-precision parts, brings to its product manufacture and client follow-up: a striking difference, as compared to its competitors. With this in mind, a logo and a website ( have just been created.

The ‛Made in STEEC’ brand guarantees its clients peace of mind with the support of its certifications: ISO 9001 has already been obtained and ISO 14001, ISO 13485 and OHSAS 18001 have been applied for. This demonstrates STEEC’s highly astute organisation, comparable to those of big business. Finally, it shows the unique, personalised service which the company has developed, and which its clients and partners appreciate.

It’s a range of strengths which has not disappointed the numerous customers with whom STEEC has been working for several years, in the context of its skills in micro-machining, micro-EDM, micro-wire cutting, micro drilling, micro-reaming, micro-die sinking, laser micro-cutting and wire and die sinker EDM.