In practice: laser cutting

Steec, your laser cutting specialist

Steec has been the leading French precision laser cutting specialist for over 30 years. Our mission goes beyond basic machining; we seek out effective and durable solutions to meet your specific needs. Our laser cutting solutions are designed such that they can be adapted to all projects that require high precision work at every stage from initial research to design.

Laser cutting has been our business for over 30 years

STEEC, the high-precision micro-mechanics specialist, made laser cutting one of its specialisations back in 1983. At the same time the company was the first in France to install a YAG industrial laser. Always pioneers in the laser cutting industry, Steec remains a market leader to this day.

Thanks to our 5 high performance machines, we can respond to all of your needs. We provide solutions specifically adapted to suit each individual project, ranging from 2mm to 2µm thick laser cutting. Our company will meet even your highest expectations, we provide cutting and micro-cutting, marking or drilling operations. Consequently Steec has become a valued partner in the nuclear, aerospace and research industries. We have also applied for ISO 13485 medical application certification.

Steec: a valued partner for all your laser cutting projects

Because each laser-cutting project is unique, STEEC is able to design bespoke solutions for each customer. For each project enquiry we complete a research and development campaign in order to identify the best possible technical response required for each individual solution. Here is an example of a project campaign we did for honeycomb masks. The project was divided into 4 phases:

  • The technical study: this first phase involved working with our customer to identify which already existing solutions could begin to meet their needs. For this project we tried a number of different mask models in order to find out which came closest to the project's mechanical and technical requirements; we worked together to find the best possible solution.
  • Laser configuration research: once we had identified the most suitable solutions, and which masks to test, this second phase involved finding the configurations that would allow us to make a prototype that would satisfy the customer's requirements.
  • The laser cutting: a first prototype was produced, using predefined configurations, during the laser cutting and trials phase. The configurations were refined in response to the trial results.
  • Prototype production: this final phase involved completing a series of prototypes using the configurations that had thus been defined. Tests were also completed to ensure that they satisfied the project's technical and mechanical conditions.

Prototypes masks laser cutting

For this project, STEEC determined that the minimum workable thickness for the grills was 0.05mm and thus completed laser micro-cutting operations of 100 and 50 µm in thickness; to get an idea of the scale of this, the average thickness of a human hair is 80 µm…

Prototype masks honeycomb grid - Laser cutting in practice

STEEC is the ideal partner for every project; we are able to complete research and design for even the most atypical projects. Why? To provide individualised responses to the specific responses of each new project.

Our mission: to push back the boundaries of laser cutting

STEEC is fully committed to finding innovative technical solutions; each atypical project represents a new challenge. In this way laser cutting projects can help us to push our company's precisions standards to even higher levels.

Producing increasingly fine parts, meeting increasingly precise tolerance levels, achieving cutting operations which satisfy your requirements, guaranteeing the strength and geometry of technical prototypes, producing a honeycomb structure which is both solid and refined.... these are the regular challenges that STEEC is committed to facing alongside its customers.

Our high precision micro-mechanics company constantly applies its high standards of expertise to the completion of your projects with the sole aim of satisfying your technical and mechanical needs.