Customer | IRAM
Radio Astronomy Institute

The research
20 sept 2019
Project Manager
Gérard Poncet
Techniques | Wire spark erosion and machining - Micro-drilling

Descriptive | Waveguide Project
Our client contacted us for a request for slots on a brass waveguide.
The challenge was to be able to perform micro-machining on the faces of the parts in tolerance levels requested at ± 5μm ...

projet03 1projet03 3

Indeed the upper grooves are 3.6mm long by 0.125mm wide and 2mm deep.
The lower grooves measure 2.5mm in length, 0.3mm in width and 0.33mm in depth.
To do this, specific copper electrodes were cut by wire EDM internally, then used in micro EDM by sinking for the production of the part.