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20 sept 2019
Project Manager
Gérard Poncet
Sambo Khim |
Stéphane Vuillaumier |
Rodolphe Gardelli |
Olivier Jacquemet |
Techniques | Wire spark erosionMicro-drilling by spark erosion

Descriptive |
We have been questioned by IRAM, with the aim of producing a new part in micro-EDM by sinking, we had already made a similar piece but in much larger dimensions. This piece of a very important complexity, with a large number of very precise micro-machining ...

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This very complex part, with a large number of very precise micro-machining tolerances at 5 or 10 microns, included many challenges to be met in manufacturing and many difficulties to overcome, including:

  • To understand the deformations of the part during the release of the mechanical stresses
  • Guarantee the tolerances related to these deformations
  • Guarantee tolerances on machining
  • Realize very precise machining in hard to reach areas
  • Guarantee the repeatability of the machining range
In order to be able to circumvent all these questions and remove all the constraints related to the realization of the latter and check the feasibility of this piece in our workshops, we took the decision to launch a research and development campaign which resulted in the realization of the command.