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At its 4 CN machining centres STEEC drills and taps holes of very small dimensions down to diameters of a few tenths of microns.

STEEC carries out micro-drilling work on conventional machining centres.

STEEC is able to machine parts in small and medium series or unit parts that may have several tens of thousands of holes per part. The company has acquired know-how and expertise recognised by multiple audits by major contractors in this technology. These audits have also led to special prestigious certifications. This technical solution may be applied in all industrial sectors, from aerospace to the medical sector, also including research or the automotive industry.

STEEC also carries out very high precision micro-drilling by countersink spark erosion.

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example of projects using these techniques

Textile industry

Customer | Rhône Poulenc
20 sept 2019


Customer | Cedrat Technologie
20 sept 2019