Laser micro-cutting

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  • © photo : STEEC |

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STEEC has been a pioneering company in cutting and laser micro-cutting in France

since the first YAG industrial laser in France was installed in the premises of the company in 1983. 30 years ago STEEC developed unique know-how and competence in this field which it offers its customers as part of its subcontracting service.

The company now has 5 Laser cutting machines which enable it to meet a wide range of requirements. These machines, in which the company is continually investing, have been custom designed according to the STEEC specification in order to comply with the quality and precision standards demanded by the customers.

Using its highly efficient innovating machines STEEC carries out very high precision cutting on flat and tubular parts with thicknesses ranging from 3 mm to 2 µm!

STEEC machines by laser micro cutting mainly parts in steel, stainless steel and similar alloys.

STEEC is also able to carry out laser drilling, marking or welding operations for its customers.

The parts manufactured by laser micro-cutting are used in extremely demanding sectors such as aerospace, the nuclear and medical sectors or even watchmaking.

Do not hesitate to contact us and send drawings so that you can benefit from our expertise in laser micro-machining and high precision cutting.

example of projects using these techniques


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20 sept 2019