Micro-drilling by spark erosion

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  • © photo : STEEC |


This modern machining technology offers a host of advantages over more conventional processes.

STEEC makes available to its customers its know-how in micro-drilling by spark erosion.

The principle of this machining process is the same as for wire spark erosion, except that the tool used for cutting is no longer a wire but an electrode shaped according to the precision machining required. The part and the tool (electrode) are not therefore in contact with each other, in fact it is an electric arc formed between the electrode and the part that will machine the latter. This is also called sparking. The part must necessarily be conducting to be able to be machined by this method and it is the prerequisite for using this method.

This absence of contact between the tool and the part makes it possible to machine very hard materials such as titanium, for example, to be machined by countersink spark erosion. This process also allows very high flexibility in terms of the variety of shapes machined, since STEEC itself produces most of its machining electrodes. STEEC is therefore able to meet a very wide range of customer requirements.

Thanks to the very high precision process of micro-electrical discharge machining (EDM) STEEC is able to provide its customers with services involving the machining of blind and complex shapes with tight tolerances. The smallest diameter for drilling by spark erosion that can be achieved is of the order of a thirtieth of a micron to plus or minus a couple of microns.

This technology may be applied in all sectors of industry thanks to the very good surface condition and high precision that results from it. Parts micro-drilled by Electro discharge machining (EDM) can be found in the medical, aerospace, nuclear or even research sectors.

STEEC also carries out conventional micro-drilling and micro-milling operations on high precision CN machining centres.

Do not hesitate to avail yourself of STEEC’s know-how and expertise in spark (or wire) erosion micro-drilling and micro EDM. You can now send your inquiry and your drawings using our contact form.

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20 sept 2019