Wire spark erosion and machining

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Spark erosion involves removing material from a conducting part,

and eroding it to give it the desired shapes and dimensions by means of electrical discharges.
In the wire spark erosion process an unwinding metal wire, under tension, is immersed in water or in another insulating liquid (dielectric) with the part to be worked. The current transmitted forms an electric arc which gives rise to precise, programmed degradation of a section of the part. The residues created by wearing of the part are removed by the water or dielectric liquid.
STEEC carries out both spark erosion and fine wire micro spark erosion operations.

Wire spark erosion and machining

Equipped with the latest wire spark erosion technologies, STEEC is able to carry high precision cutting with wires of standard sizes whose diameter may vary from 0.15 to 0.25 mm in all types of mechanical parts.

All conducting ferrous and non-ferrous metals may be cut using this method, for which we generally use not only brass but also copper, molybdenum or even tungsten wires.
This cutting machining technology normally enables a surface condition of the order of 0.4 Ra to be obtained.

Micro wire spark erosion and machining

In addition to standard wire cutting, STEEC excels in its ability to carry out fine wire spark erosion cutting.
By using wires of Ø 0.10, Ø 0.07 and even Ø 0.05, STEEC is able to achieve very high precision in cutting allowing it to meet the most specific and demanding requirements based on its historical know-how.
STEEC stands out from its competitors thanks to this technology and the unique know-how with which it has combined with it.

STEEC continually improving its production capacity

Spark erosion may be applied in all sectors of industry and can be used in fields as demanding and varied as aerospace, aeronautics, watchmaking, the medical and nuclear sectors and the automotive industry.
By investing in increasingly efficient machines STEEC is continuously improving its production capacities to push back the boundaries and meet the increasingly stringent requirements of its customers.

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