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20 sept 2019
Project Manager
Baptiste Rolland
Thierry Espinosa |
Guillaume Grange |
Techniques | Laser micro-cutting

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Mr. Billard wanted to cut out dials in 304 stainless steel.
After several telephone exchanges, we decided together the material and thicknesses of each element of each dial.
After validation by Mr. Billard on the tests cutting we made the dials in laser micro-cutting.

Customer |
Rhône Poulenc

Textile industry - Silk  
Techniques | Micro-drilling

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This customer in the textile industry needed micro-drilled parts with Ø 50µm holes. The whole difficulty was to obtain micro-punches thin enough to be able to make these holes in the metal and above all that they do not break in the material during machining. A research and development campaign has been developed to be able to meet the client's specifications.



STEEC was created in the late 1970s by Paul ROLLAND with the determination to install the company in a high-precision micro-mechanical machining segment that provides its customers with state-of-the-art technologies to serve industrial sectors high technology.
STEEC is recognized on the French and international market for the quality of its work in high precision machining. It responds to complex requests with advanced technological means and develops all of its micro mechanical activities in the fields of Electro erosion and micro-Electro erosion wire and sinking, micro drilling and milling on machining center and laser machining.



  • Aerospace

    STEEC is a first class supplier to major contractors in the aerospace industry in France and in export such as Thales Alenia Space, Airbus Defence and Space etc…

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  • Moulds and dies

    Since it was founded in 1979 STEEC offers has been offering the service of machining parts for moulds and dies for all types of industries based on wire spark erosion cutting in particular.

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  • Watchmaking

    Thanks to its very high-precision laser micro-cutting, STEEC is able to provide high quality services that can be applied in watchmaking. In fact this very high precision industry, which is subject to very stringent demands requiring cutting precisions down to one or two microns ….

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  • Nuclear

    The nuclear sector is one which requires extreme precision as well as the ultimate discipline. This also includes machining of course. STEEC provides the players in this sector high-tech subcontracting solutions in micro-drililing or conventional micro-machining and Laser micro-cutting.

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  • Research

    STEEC, an eligible company approved for research tax Credit, is partner to numerous prestigious research centres such as the CNRS (National Scientific Research Council) and the CEA . The company also collaborates very regularly with university research centres in France and abroad.

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  • Mechanical engineering

    STEEC is also involved, both as a subcontractor to numerous SMEs and agencies in the metallurgy and mechanical engineering sectors which very often engage in subcontracting activities themselves.

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  • Medical

    STEEC makes very high-precision parts and supplies numerous companies in the medical sector. These companies are seeking reliable partners that have proved their professionalism and have demonstrated their ability to be a trusted partner in all subcontracting relationships.

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