As an affiliate of the STEEC PRF group, APMV is a leading company in France and French-speaking countries in cylinder repairs in the areas of grinding, grooving buffing and matt finishing, thanks to high-tech, innovative machining. APMV is turning an age-old activity into an activity of the future.

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Due to a major malfunction in its oldest tool machine, APMV has had to reorganise its production strategy. This has involved implementing corrective decisions, including investment in an innovative new machine which is extremely effective, both in terms of grinding and buffing. It will be even more suitable than the last three models from the previous generation (funded over the years) to replace the existing fleet.


STEEC-AMPV is continuing to invest, always striving to offer you a better service, optimum quality and machining security to guarantee the best production in the market.


Investment in this OCRIM tool machine amounts to over 10% of the group’s revenue.