We at STEEC have had a CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy in place for several years, so we can guarantee the excellence of our employees and their day-to-day performance.

The results are clear to see.

Continuous customer satisfaction in all areas whether from ancillary, implantable medical devices, aerospace, aeronautics, nuclear, radio astronomy, electronics, watch and clockmaking and optics.

The ability to invest regularly and hire.

A progressive approach with individual and group support for staff.

The repeated, continued trust of our financial partners with the result that STEEC has a 3++ rating with the Bank of France, the highest rating there is.


Such a policy leads to flawless work quality, whether in micro-machining, micro-spark erosion, micro-wire cutting, micro-bore and micro-milling, micro-EDM and laser micro-cutting and wire and die sinking EDM.  The machining of high precision parts is almost perfect, with service levels above 97% and a return rate due to manufacturing defects below 0.50% of turnover.