Apprenticeships and sandwich courses are one of STEEC's major preoccupations, this kind of professional training is the ideal means to recruit motivated and skilled staff, especially in our specialised sectors: high-precision micro-engineering (micro-machining, micro-electrical discharge machining, micro-wirecutting, micro drilling and micro-milling, micro-sinking, micro-laser cutting and both wire and sinker EDM) and cylinder renovation for the rectification, etching-polishing and peening industry sectors (using the innovative high technology machining resources of our associate company APMV).
Consequently STEEC has just recruited two new apprentices for its etching workshop; they will each complete a CQPM (Metallurgical Qualification Certificates) in industrial lathing.
These two new qualification contracts come as an addition to the one started in 2012 involving a Business School Master's degree, following the student/employee's completion of a BTS (HND) in International Commerce which was also made possible through a qualification contract.
STEEC continues to play a major supporting role in the integration of young people into professional employment and also, more generally speaking, in the professional training of its workforce and thus providing them with effective support in their career development.